What Is A CBA?

A Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is a legal agreement between a community organization (in this case, the WSCC) and a developer to make sure the community’s priorities are reflected in the development. CBAs focus on a project’s social and economic impacts on the surrounding community It is expected that the Stadium District CBA will be signed before the re-zoning of the property.

Our Priorities

Economic Opportunity
The Stadium District creates employment opportunities, supports entrepreneurs and small businesses, and invests in workforce development.

Children, Youth, and Families
The Stadium District development team creates and encourages long-term investment in West Denver children and families.

Equitable Infrastructure
The Stadium District is seamlessly connected to West Denver neighborhoods through equitable design that maintains their diverse cultural heritages.

Affordable Housing
West Denver neighborhoods celebrate economic, cultural, and lifestyle diversity through housing options for all income levels.


More information about Community Benefits Agreements: