About the Westside Stadium Community Coalition

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Who We Are

The Westside Stadium Community Coalition (WSCC) is made up of resident leaders and equity-oriented non-profit, government, and business stakeholders from the Sun Valley neighborhood and the West Denver impact area. The group was formed to develop and negotiate, as well as facilitate the resulting administration of, a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the master developer of the Stadium District redevelopment adjacent to the Broncos Stadium.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support current and future Sun Valley and West Denver residents in taking an active role in the transformation of their community by advocating for inclusive development and creating mechanisms for long-term accountability to avoid displacement.

Our Values

Celebrating Culture – We value cultural diversity and seek to preserve and celebrate the unique cultures already existing within Sun Valley and West Denver, while welcoming the cultures of incoming residents.

Economic Opportunity – We value widespread economic opportunity and seek to advance opportunities for workforce development, short- and long-term employment, and entrepreneurship for Sun Valley and West Denver residents.

Sustainable Investment – We believe that public and private investments in Sun Valley and West Denver must be long-term, sustainable, and informed by ongoing accountability from residents.

Affordability – We support developments that enhance affordable housing options and maintain the affordability of activities and amenities for Sun Valley and West Denver residents.

Connectivity – We value a Sun Valley neighborhood that is integrated and connected to downtown, the Stadium District, and West Denver.

Equitable Growth – We value equitable growth that is welcoming to newcomers while avoiding displacement of long-term residents.

"We believe that all residents should have a say in the future of their neighborhoods."


Westside Stadium Community Coalition Members


  • Mattye Crowley, Resident Leader and Sankofic Journey 

  • Carlos Maestas, Resident Leader and Entrepreneur

  • Lisa Saenz, Resident Leader and Servicios de la Raza

  • Kris Rollerson, Resident Leader and Sun Valley Youth Center

  • Glenn Harper, Resident Leader and Sun Valley Kitchen and Community Center

  •  Selena Ramirez, Young Adult Resident Leader and Choice Market

  • Jose Beteta, Raices Brewery

  • Stella Madrid, Denver Housing Authority

  • Jeanne Granville, Sun Valley Community Coalition and Fresh Start, Inc.

  • Dan Shah, West Colfax Business Improvement District

  • Susan Powers, Urban Ventures, LLC

  • Sonya Ulibarri, Girls, Inc.

  • David Berton, Federal Boulevard Business Improvement District

  • Rudy Gonzalez, Servicios de la Raza

  • Renee Martinez Stone, West Denver Renaissance Collaborative

  • Chris Parr,  Sun Valley EcoDistrict

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